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nTrack Studio - Recording audio with Android

This video tutorial explains how to record audio on Android, showing how to use audio tracks, export and share your composition.

Como Fazer Músicas Pelo Android

Galerinha, abaixo estarei deixando o áudio de como ficou porque o gravador de tela deixou meio zuado. Baixem do Google Drive. Fiquem com Deus! :) Música: ...

Using Android as Portable Audio Recorder Samsung Galaxy S4 + RECForgeII

How to use your Android device Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S4 as a portable audio recorder for DSLR Video ...

Use Audio Evolution to remix on Android

This was pleasant surprise. Download it here

Audio Evolution Mobile Tutorial 1

How to use the multitrack audio recording app on Android - Audio Evolution Mobile. How to cut a track and edit the start and finish of a recorded sample.

Best Audio Recording App| Android|

Parrot| App Review| 9/10 Hey guys , Today I got the App review of Parrot Audio recording app for android. ENJOY!

Como fazer edição de áudio em seu Android - n-track pro - Parte 1 - Ricardo Patrese

PARTE 2 - É possível sim você usar seu smartphone Android para fazer uma gravação de áudio com várias trilhas, como se fosse ...

Audio Editor

Mix with other records or background. ☆ Cut off parts of records and save them in new files or new formats either musical, sonic or Identifying-sounds. ☆ Apply ...

Top 5 Best Free Audio & Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2016

Top 5 Best Free Sound & Voice Recorder Apps for Android 2016.

Make karaoke song in Android by removing vocal

"Voice pro" download link: Make ...

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